Olga Lisenkova is a member of Union of Artists of Russia, member of Moscow Union of Artists, of International Artists Foundation. She had more than 90 exhibitions in Great Britain, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Belarus and Russia. The artist's works are in private collections and in museums in Russia and abroad.

In the Tula cultural and local history art museum;  Marina Tsvetaeva house-museum in Moscow; gallery "Manege"; Embassy of India in Moscow;  Embassy of Bulgaria in Moscow;  Embassy of France in Moscow;  in the museum and exhibition complex of the Volokolamsk Kremlin;  in the National Cultural and Historical Museum-reserve "Nesvizh" Belarus.

Olga was rewarded with Silver Order "Service to Arts".

Painter Olga Lisenkova  

2005 year. Olga Lisenkova is the constitutor of public organization "Republic ShKIT" (school of culture, arts and creative work) that helps children -orphans from orphanages, boarding schools of Russia.      

Olga Lisenkova is an artist who travels sometimes in Central Asia, sometimes in Europe and sometimes in Russia. Shi is like an akyn why sings about all he sees around, she sketches all that surrounds her. Genre pastels done like stylized photos look as if these were fiftieth or sixtieth.

When you look at Olga Lisenkova paintings you never think that these are the works of a young artist - our contemporary. Languidly sweet votives of the fiftieth are seen through every painting. The artist works in big series - reporting. The talanted sketches of contemporary life are full of ravishing melancholy for times we did not live in, for the style that has already became a myth. But these genre works hardly can be called stylization. The artist succeeded in reprodofucing the spirit of the time, the essence of feelings. And the way she uses the epoch is a well turned artistic gesture. Many works are done in the style of half hour study that gives these works freshness of feelings and fidelity to life.

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